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Friday, December 16, 2011


I enjoy feeling connected. Actually I love it. I long for it. I need it. Somewhere in my DNA God stitched in the connection string.

Feeling connected is having my head, my heart, my body, my spirit, my soul aligned with the people in my life. It means I listen more than I talk. It means I counsel, mentor and guide when asked. It means I help other people make connections, too. 

It means I step back to see the bigger picture and I recognize each individual in it. Seeing the bigger picture helps me make connections that honor people’s skills, talents, and actions. I love seeing those moments come to fruition. I smile when people feel like they can share their knowledge by connecting to another person and it will make a difference.

Instead of boundaries, I see possibilities just beyond the border of what exists today.

We do not live in silos. We do not live alone. Life is a linked web which is stronger because each of us is a part of it; all of us human beings collectively living together.

Connectedness is humanity.


  1. We were made for community, each with their own gifts to contribute!

  2. Chantel - love this post.
    Love that you called out seeing the bigger picture and honoring other people's skill, talent, and action. That is one of the true meanings of loving one another.
    BUT ... I must say that living in a silo might be pretty cool! :)
    May God bless you and your family. I'm glad I met you today!
    ~ Felecia