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Friday, December 9, 2011


I don’t think of black and white as colors, although technically I guess they are.

I think of color as royal, majestic, playful, fun and sincere, not boring, plain and simple. Purple is my favorite. 
Color balances life. Color brightens life. Color expresses who I am, how I am feeling, and my personality.

Nantucket blue with brown is calm, serene and cozy. It feels grounded.
Lime green with pink is fun, edgy and active. It is very savvy like.
Velvet red is warm, inviting and exciting. It is love.
Burnt orange is safe, trusting and courageous. It is stability.
Mossy green is welcoming, homey and conversational. It is peace.

Nature is filled with wonderful examples of His beauty: 
a delicate rainbow, a rich blanket of grass, a peaceful hillside, an open sunflower, or a fire orange sunset. It screams, "Look at me because in this moment I am beautiful."

I am beautiful. His love and grace color me beautiful.

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  1. Absolutely, Chantel, we are all beautiful through Him and in His eyes, thanks to Jesus! Thank you for the lovely words.